Thursday, 31 March 2011

Snapsort Photography Website

As I said before I really wanted a DSLR camera because the compact olympus camera I use at the moment really isn't up to doing much and I said that I was thinking about the Nikon D3100 because obviously I've never had a DSLR before. I have been searching around a bit because even though the camera is relatively cheap for what it is, to me its a large amount of cash. I've been looking at loads of reviews and comparisons all across the web but as soon as I came across Snapsort I stopped looking. It contains every possible detail of the camera as well as most other cameras and offers what I thought was most impressive was the discussion section which contained a certain person who was asking all the exact questions that I would have asked. It covers everything I would want to know about photography and has videos of tutorials and reviews. I used to look at photography magazines for comparisons on this camera but Snapsort is so much more helpful there is no need to waste money when all this freely accessible info is on their website. It also tells you all of the prices like it has a mini price comparison website built in. But I noticed on their blog that they are holding a contest for which the prize is the exact camera I have been looking at: the D3100
                  I think this is a great opportunity and an amazing competition as well as an amazing website but  see for yourself how good it is.

The contest -

The page for the Nikon D3100 -

Feedback: There isn't anything that I know of that would make the site better but to give some feedback I would say more advertising to get to the site. If I had found out about this website sooner it would have saved a lot of time going around the uninformative websites not really finding much out. Maybe a lot of advertising in photography magazines and their respective websites if you can.

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